IoT Cold Chain Monitoring

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According to statistics 40-50% of food is lost to wastage. In developed nations, this waste accounts 1.3 billion tons of food annually. As far as Theft is concerned Food is the largest commodity exposed to theft, and accounts for over $47.5 billion of losses annually. Companies can now leverage technology to drive their FSMA compliance requirements while simultaneously improving margins and lowering prices of food items.

Touchstone Technology Consulting Ops provides a complete wireless IoT solution for real time monitoring of the temperature, humidity, and the location of goods in transit as well as while at rest in a warehouse. Our solution provides comprehensive monitoring and tracking of refrigerated cargo involved in cold chain whether sea, land, rail or in a static warehouse. The solution enables real time alerts/notifications on threshold violations. It also monitors the position of the vehicle in real time. It is an ideal solution for manufacturers, distributers, transporters, and retailers in food industry.

Business Benefits and Features

  • Ensure food quality and increase shelf-life

  • Preventive approach to food safety

  • Reduce operational cost by removing inefficiencies in supply chain

  • Reduce downtime of assets such as freezers

  • Comply with FSMA regulations

  • Improve inventory management and control

Key Features


Wireless Gateways


Edge Computing


ERP Integration

Fleet Tracking

Compliance Reporting