Autobot and artificial intelligence for ABAP code optimization


AutoABAP© is an artificial intelligence based ABAP optimization tool. AutoABAP© is SAP HANA, SOX & GMP compliant. With one click, the tool optimizes your existing ABAP code to the code that conforms to the “SAP Best Practice” and customer defined standards. The components of the tool such as Auto Optimizer, Auto Scape, Auto Index, Auto Buffer, and Auto Check turn the conformance, compliance, and optimization of ABAP programs into an easy task.

Gartner on custom ABAP coding

….Inefficient custom code has nudged many ERP systems into the slow lane…
…Custom code is very often at the heart of a difficult SAP performance problem…

Gartner Group in Research Paper: TU-10-8204

Customer Quote

…two ABAP programs that were optimized show a 40% and 46% improvement in run times. This program improvement has been realized without altering performance parameters like buffer settings or creating additional indexes etc. The functionality of the revised programs has been validated and it has been 100% preserved…

Shunji Watanabe, Kubota Engines, IL, USA

Key Features

  • Pre-Upgrade/Migrate ABAP Optimization
    Optimize ABAP Programs and enhance for your go-to version of ECC or BW

  • Optimize secondary indices
    Enhance group of programs automatically Eliminate needless indices.

  • Eliminate coding inefficiencies
    Improve existing ABAP code and optimize long running programs rapidly.

  • Create high level coding document
    Easy to understand ABAP documentation.

  • Review ABAP standards compliance
    Pinpoint code segments for deviations. Document ABAP compliance to standards. Rapidly check offshore ABAP code compliance. Revalidate SOX, GMP compliance.

  • Mass improve ABAP in batch mode
    5% improvement in 20 programs is better than 50% improvement in 1 program.

  • Auto check/score outsourced Code
    Rapidly check outsourced code compliance.

  • ABAP Documentation tool
    Simplified ABAP coding documentation. Comprehend complex code easily. Document ABAP for SOX, GMP audit

  • Optimize table buffer settings
    Improve performance of app servers.Improve database performance

Business Benefits

  • Auto Optimizer: Improves code performance by 20% to 50%

  • Auto Index: Improves code performance by 80% to 90%

  • Auto Scrape: Comprehend 100 lines of code in under 10 seconds

  • Auto Check: Save days of manual effort to ensure code conformance, and compliance